Breegan Jane Designs Beverly Hills Jewelry Store

Los Angeles-based interior designer Breegan Jane has completed Anne Sisteron’s new fine jewelry boutique on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. The design of the space maximizes its modest 1,000-square-foot layout and reinforces lofty 17-foot-high ceilings with expansive natural vistas depicted across custom chinoiserie wallcoverings that serve as distinctive iconography for the brand.

“There’s a thousand offerings of gorgeous wallpaper I could have sourced from pretty much anywhere, but then [Anne] wouldn’t be able to take that and turn it into a part of her marketing program,” Jane says. “There’s an overall print that we created for her, then each panel is made specifically for the wainscoting layout that we knew we had. We mirrored it and we made sure that everything went together.”

Reminiscent of a jewelry box, the store’s interiors are detailed with handsome wainscoting and skylights that amplify the brightness of the chartreuse backdrop with natural light. Abundant mirrors and reflective display cases further enlarge the atmosphere. The palette also features soft elements (like crushed velvet), light pink and gray accents, and underlying brass.

Approachability was also foundational to the design. “Jewelry stores can be extremely intimidating,” Jane notes. “I think that when you walk by the boutique and you see the chartreuse in the back, it draws you in.”

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