First designed by German planner and architect Fritz Beblo in 1905, the Municipal Baths in Strasbourg, France have been reinvigorated to contemporary standards. The comprehensive overhaul, led by Chatillon Architectes, accentuates original finishes, from moldings to historic marble in the Roman Baths, and also included the construction of new aquatic and sports facilities by Parisian firm TNA Architectes.

“This is not a building that leaves one unmoved. When you come for a visit, there is a very clear poetic relationship to space and light,” says Chatillon founder François Chatillon. “It is a construction of both antique and neo-regional inspiration. This equilibrium is fragile and it is necessary to preserve it.”

Antonin Gilles, project managing architect for Chatillon, adds, “We also wanted to offer new features on the garden level and on the floors of the wings of the building, highlighting the vestiges of the past, such as the demarcation of the old constructional framework, which was removed to allow for the expansion or the connection of certain spaces.”

A refreshed color palette adorns the two newly connected main pools, illuminated by LED ribbons meticulously installed to contextualize the height of the interiors. Former ventilation shafts lining the ceiling now serve as support for the elaborate lighting system and heighten the tension between stylish new fixtures and the roughness of preserved concrete.

A walled relaxation area located on the first floor features a hot drinks bar and tearoom. A jacuzzi, salt cave, and sauna have also been created in the former laundry room, while an old parking lot was transformed into an outdoor stainless steel relaxation pool and sauna.

The revegetated garden level also provides a dedicated entrance to support all accessibility needs, a new consideration conceived in tandem with sustainability measures, like thermal insulation that preserves water temperature and reduces energy consumption by 41 percent.

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