The location of aircraft and ground vehicles is vital information at an airport. This data is often collected by ANSPs and presented to ATC. To further improve surface safety, Leonardo is going a step further. The company’s AeroBOSS solutions provide a wider range of airport departments with real-time situational awareness, monitoring, and alerting through an integrated software suite.

Putting that data in the hands of the drivers on the airfield helps these individuals avoid runway incursions. It is also the difference between inefficient operations and well-coordinated performances for snow removal and ARFF teams, plus much more. Learn how the AeroBOSS solutions can improve safety, resource coordination and operational performance at your airport by downloading now.


Improving safety and efficiency in airfield operations

When it comes to busy airports, safety and efficiency are key. On the airfield, a lack of real-time visibility almost always leads to inefficient operations…



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