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Transcosmos launches a DM revenue maximization service powered by DataRobot
A highly accurate, machine learning mailing list has expanded sales by 150% whilst cutting costs by 10% 
[Tokyo, Japan, August 6, 2019] transcosmos inc. released a Direct Mail (DM) revenue maximization service powered by “DataRobot,” a tool that automates the machine learning process, in August 2019. By leveraging both cutting-edge AI and its know-how for success that the company has accumulated through operating its mail-order business and offering services to clients, transcosmos helps clients develop highly accurate direct mailing lists internally and maximize revenues of their DM business. transcosmos aims to implement this service to 10 companies by the end of FY 2019.

■ About DM revenue optimization service powered by DataRobot

transcosmos first deploys DataRobot to clients and lets clients apply DataRobot’s machine learning feature to predict purchase probability of each individual customer. With this service, clients can expand sales and reduce costs by executing DM initiatives such as sending DMs only to customers with high purchase probability scores whilst emailing to customers with lower scores. Although DataRobot requires members who have analytical skills, ability to process data and know-how of DM initiatives, transcosmos’s data scientists provide support for clients to perform analysis and share their know-how. Ultimately, the data scientists help clients create highly accurate mailing lists in-house.

■ A solution to bring analytics in-house that wasn’t possible due to a shortage of analysts and tools

Since DM, such as postcards and catalogs, can present a lot of information and senior customers tend to prefer DM due to its readability, the DM initiatives are the core operations for mail-order businesses that directly impact their sales. On the other hand, it takes costs to develop and send DMs. Against this backdrop, an increasing number of businesses are currently seeking to achieve higher returns on investment from their DM initiatives.

In reality, however, most companies lack in-house analysts and tools and therefore outsource analytics to third-party vendors. Yet, given the fact that an analysis performed by in-house members who are well-versed in data specifications, industry and products generates better results than that of third-party vendors’, transcosmos encourages clients to apply DataRobot to automate and perform analytics in-house. transcosmos not only implements DataRobot but also makes its data scientists help clients analyze data and share know-how on creating a direct mailing list.

transcosmos has already executed various DM revenue maximization projects and has achieved successes in membership services and digital marketing initiatives on top of succeeding in clients’ traditional mail-order business that focuses on postal DMs. transcosmos assists clients in expanding their sales, optimizing costs whilst maintaining sales, utilizing digital channels like LINE, and preventing their brand image being tarnished due to excessive DM delivery.

■ Case Studies

(1) DM revenue maximization at Nihon Chokuhan“Nihon Chokuhan,” a transcosmos’s mail-order business sends out DMs to its members on a monthly basis. Traditionally, Nihon Chokuhan has used a third-party vendor to create a direct mailing list and send the DMs only to customers with higher purchase probability scores that were calculated by a machine learning tool to reduce the enormous costs. The reason for outsourcing the process was a shortage of data scientists that made it difficult to operate the process in-house.

Now, the emergence of DataRobot has solved this challenge, enabling businesses to use machine learning without a data scientist. Ahead of others, transcosmos has applied DataRobot for creating a direct mailing list for Nihon Chokuhan business. As a result, the company has successfully developed the list that led to higher sales in a short period of time compared to the list developed by the vendor. The direct mailing list created by DataRobot resulted in a 150% increase in sales and a 50% reduction in man-hours compared to the traditional list developed by the vendor. What’s more, making the process in-house has enabled transcosmos to accumulate analytics know-how internally.

(2) Membership service for a major transportation companyA major transportation company utilizes this service to optimize DM delivery initiatives. The company has been developing their direct mailing list based on RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis, yet due to an excessive DM delivery and wasteful mailing have become management challenges. To address these, the company has decided to use DataRobot for creating a direct mailing list. As a result, the company has successfully reduced the wasteful DM delivery cost by 10% whilst retaining sales.

(3) LINE membership service for a major mail-order company A major mail-order company utilizes this service to send coupons effectively to LINE users. Traditionally, the company has been sending their coupons to all users. By applying DataRobot to predict purchase probability and sending coupons only to LINE segments with higher probability scores, the company has successfully increased ROI by 400%.

transcosmos continues to help clients develop analytics-driven, highly accurate direct mailing in-house and maximize revenues through the offering of the DM revenue maximization service powered by DataRobot.

* transcosmos is a trademark or registered trademark of transcosmos inc. in Japan and other countries.
* Other company names and product or services names used here are trademarks or registered trademarks of respective companies.

About transcosmos inc.
transcosmos launched its operations in 1966. Since then, we have combined superior “people” with up-to-date “technology” to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers services that support clients’ business processes focusing on both sales expansion and cost optimization through our 167 locations across 30 countries with a focus on Asia, while continuously pursuing Operational Excellence. Furthermore, following the expansion of e-commerce market on the global scale, transcosmos provides a comprehensive One-Stop Global E-Commerce services to deliver our clients’ excellent products and services in 48 countries around the globe. transcosmos aims to be the “Global Digital Transformation Partner” of our clients, supporting the clients’ transformation by leveraging digital technology, responding to the ever-changing business environment.

Suning Bekerja Sama dengan ajang 3rd Salone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai, Mempromosikan Keunggulan Desain demi Hidup yang Lebih Baik

SHANGHAI, Juli 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Suning Holdings Group, salah satu perusahaan komersial terbesar Tiongkok, mengumumkan kiprahnya sebagai Mitra Strategis Utama dalam ajang 3rd Salone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai, digelar dari 22-24 November 2018 di SEC -- Shanghai Exhibition Centre.

Tak hanya menjadi Smart Retailer dalam omni-channel dan seluruh kategori lengkap, namun penyedia solusi smart home, Suning akan menyediakan beragam dukungan dan wawasan kepada desainer dan produsen furnitur agar dapat bersama-sama menjajaki pasar Tiongkok dan mewujudkan berbagai solusi mutakhir, sesuai kebutuhan bagi konsumen lokal rumah tangga.

"Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, Salone del Mobile. Milano bertujuan menghadirkan keunggulan manufaktur Italia ke pasar Tiongkok. Dengan lebih mendekatkan dua budaya, kami dapat memperoleh inspirasi desain yang lebih luas, meningkatkan desain bermutu tinggi dan lebih memperkuat pesona manufaktur Italia," ujar Claudio Luti, Chairman, Milan International Furniture Fair. Ia menambahkan, "Pasar Tiongkok cepat berkembang dengan keinginan untuk dan dorongan membuat berbagai produk bermutu tinggi. Untuk itu, Milan International Furniture Fair menjadi peluang bagi seluruh perusahaan yang ingin mendirikan dan memperkuat hubungan dagang dengan Tiongkok."

Marco Sabetta, General Manager of Salone del Mobile.Milano, introducing the strategic cooperation with Suning.

Pameran ini akan terbagi dalam dua bagian, Desain dan xLux. Area Desain akan berfokus pada sejumlah produk hunian yang praktis dengan penampilan indah, dan xLux akan memamerkan percampuran desain klasik yang elegan dengan fitur-fitur kontemporer. Selain pameran tersebut, ada juga sesi berbagi pengalaman industri 'Master Classes' dan ''Salon Satellite Shanghai' – sebuah acara tambahan bagi desainer baru di bawah usia 35 tahun.

Suning, telah menerima pujian atas konsep 'ZaoJi' (Reaching the Pinnacle of Experience) dan kerja sama dengan klub sepakbola legendaris Italia F.C. Internazionale Milano (Inter) dalam ajang Milan Design Week tahun ini, mengusung kemitraan sambil membangun hubungan dengan komunitas desain internasional.

Steven Zhang, President, Suning International, bilang, "Sunning berdedikasi menatap cara-cara baru untuk menciptakan produk dan layanan yang lebih indah dan sesuai kebutuhan bagi konsumen global. Bergabung dalam kemitraan dengan sejumlah acara desain terbaik seperti Salone del Mobile.Milano akan memperkuat beberapa pasar bermutu tinggi di luar negeri seperti Italia dan Tiongkok, mempromosikan dialog industri internasional yang lebih efektif dan mengusung berbagai solusi yang lebih baik serta produk-produk beserta pengalaman hidup dengan mutu yang lebih tinggi kepada konsumen."

Suning's Emotional Wall at Milan Design Week which is based on Suning "BIU" interactive artificial intelligence system allows users to be immersed into a futuristic home-life experience

Dalam acara jumpa pers Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai yang diadakan Kedutaan Besar Italia di Beijing, Duta Besar Italia di Tiongkok, Ettore Sequi, menggarisbawahi, "Sejalan dengan perubahan yang dialami Tiongkok, pasar domestik akan mengalami pertumbuhan gerai barang-barang konsumer yang bermutu tinggi. Menurut data terkini, desain dan produk furnitur Italia semakin diapresiasi oleh konsumen Tiongkok, berkat kualitas yang sangat tinggi dan fokus pada inovasi."

The Italy's Ambassador to China, Ettore Sequi, expressed his vision for the exchange of quality and design culture between China and Italy at the press conference

The Italy's Ambassador to China, Ettore Sequi (second from left), organisers, guests and the representative of Suning (right)

Suning terus menjelajahi berbagai upaya terkait inovasi ritel dan meningkatkan pengalaman konsumen. Bekerja sama pada jenjang tertinggi yang dimungkinkan teknologi dan menjalin kemitraan dengan berbagai merek desain terkemuka di dunia, akan membantu perwujudan tujuan ini dan memenuhi permintaan pasar konsumen di Tiongkok.

Tentang Suning

Berdiri pada 1990, Suning adalah salah satu konglomerat terkemuka di Tiongkok dengan dua perusahaan terbuka di Tiongkok dan Jepang. Pada 2017, Suning Holding berada di peringkat kedua dalam daftar 500 besar perusahaan swasta terbesar di Tiongkok, dengan pendapatan tahunan sebesar USD 65,7 miliar (RMB 412,95 miliar). Dengan misi yang bertajuk "Leading the Ecosystem across Industries by Creating Elite Quality of Life for All", Suning telah memperkuat dan memperluas bisnis utamanya dalam delapan industri vertikal:, Logistik, Jasa Keuangan, Teknologi, Real Estat, Media & Hiburan, Olahraga dan Investasi; termasuk dalam daftar Fortune Global 500 pada 2017.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat
Source : Suning

JA Solar Pasok Modul Half-Cell untuk Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Surya di Afrika

BEIJING, 2 Juli 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: JASO), pembuat produk energi surya berkinerja tinggi yang terkemuka di dunia, hari ini mengumumkan langkah perusahaan dalam memasok modul half-cell 6,5MW bagi pembangkit listrik tenaga surya (PLTS) di Namibia, Afrika. PLTS ini menjadi proyek modul half-cell perdana di Namibia dan penggunaan pertama modul half-cell oleh JA Solar dalam proyek berskala besar (utility-scale).

Terletak di Namibia, proyek ini digarap bersama pengembang kenamaan asal Jerman SunEQ GmbH, perusahaan yang masih satu grup dengan konsultan energi terbarukan Suntrace GmbH, dan vendor solusi energi baru yang terkemuka GILDEMEISTER energy solutions. GILDEMEISTER energy solutions juga bertanggung jawab atas konstruksi proyek itu. Karena cuaca yang panas dan kondisi ultraviolet yang tinggi di Namibia, proyek ini memiliki sejumlah ketentuan yang paling ketat dalam hal keandalan modul PV. Dalam proyek ini, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions memilih modul 72-sel berjenis half-cell buatan JA Solar demi menjamin kapasitas pembangkitan listrik yang stabil dan konsisten.

Dibandingkan dengan sejumlah modul konvensional, modul half-cell JA Solar meningkatkan teknologi interkoneksi, mengurangi kerugian resistansi, memperbesar arus listrik dengan menambah jarak antara sel-sel surya, sehingga menghasilkan peningkatan daya listrik secara efektif. Lebih lagi, modul half-cell JA Solar memiliki koefisien cuaca yang lebih baik. Dengan demikian, keuntungan daya listrik di bawah cuaca panas tampil lebih baik. Lewat optimasi BOM, kemampuan melawan radiasi ultraviolet juga ditingkatkan. Hasilnya, modul half-cell JA Solar mampu berkinerja baik dalam cuaca panas, di tengah kondisi ultraviolet yang tinggi.

Cao Bo, Vice President JA Solar, berkomentar, "Sebagai produsen modul PV terkemuka dunia, kami tetap berfokus pada inovasi teknologi dan mutu produk demi memenuhi beragamnya kebutuhan pelanggan serta berkontribusi dalam upaya mengatasi kendala energi dunia."

SOURCE JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Tekan biaya dengan platform data analytics yang didukung kecerdasan buatan dan berbasis blockchain

SINGAPURA, 4 Juli 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sejalan dengan dunia yang menggeluti digitalisasi data, sejumlah perusahaan visioner belajar tentang memanfaatkan data analytics demi menghasilkan keputusan bisnis yang jitu. DATAVLT berupaya membantu usaha kecil dan menengah (UKM) dari beragam industri yang kompetitif agar mereka bisa berkembang dengan menghadirkan layanan data analytics bagi UKM yang belum terjangkau.

Teknologi mendatang buatan perusahaan dibangun pada jaringan yang terdesentralisasi, dikenal dengan blockchain, guna mengurangi ancaman dari aspek gangguan tunggal seperti upaya pembobolan bank data yang terpusat.

UKM dengan dana terbatas sering kesulitan dalam menyesuaikan anggaran dengan evaluasi bermutu dan dapat ditindaklanjuti. Arsitektur DATAVLT yang terdesentralisasi menjamin keberlanjutan fungsionalitas, bahkan jika beberapa bagian dari jaringan mengalami kerusakan. Sebagai prinsip kriptografi, catatan value exchange disimpan dalam buku besar dan dapat diakses pihak lain dalam sistem supaya terlacak. Namun, hanya pihak-pihak yang memegang "kunci digital" (digital keys) yang dapat melihat konten dari sebuah informasi.

Sejalan dengan berkurangnya biaya infrastruktur untuk mengolah data berjumlah besar, teknologi telah mendukung pengumpulan data yang lebih mudah diakses ketimbang masa sebelumnya. DATAVLT ingin menghadirkan platform terbaik bagi sejumlah perusahaan biasa di pasar mana pun sehingga mereka bisa mengakses dan mengkaji data ini lewat kustomisasi open-source. Perusahaan mengajak dan memberi insentif kepada para pengembang pihak ketiga untuk menciptakan perangkat analitis atau vertikal dalam platformnya. Langkah ini mengurangi waktu dan dana bagi UKM dengan meniru proses yang telah dioptimasikan. Hasilnya, para pengembang tersebut akan menerima utility tokens sebagai hadiah ketika sejumlah perusahaan atau individu tertentu memakai produk dan layanan dalam ekosistem platform.

Guna mengurangi biaya pemasangan infrastruktur, perawatan mesin dan sumber daya manusia, DATAVLT mengenakan biaya terhadap klien hanya ketika mereka memakai layanan analitis dengan skema pay-per-use. Berbagai klien dapat diuntungkan atas penghematan dari mesin yang tak terpakai dan menghindari biaya berlangganan dari penyedia layanan lain. Perusahaan memperkirakan peluang yang layak dalam menghadirkan berbagai perangkat data analytics yang lebih komprehensif, dibandingkan perangkat biasa yang ditemui di pasaran. Perangkat itu biasanya hanya menawarkan beberapa aspek dalam bisnis, atau terbatas dalam hal cakupan fungsi. DATAVLT menghimpun data perilaku konsumen dari bidang ekonomi, sosiologi dan antropologi, menyatukan data tersebut dengan penyusunan profil, tonality dan sentimen untuk menghasilkan kajian yang lebih mendalam dan bermakna. Tujuannya, menghasilkan pengalama konsumen yang lebih sesuai kebutuhan, penyelesaian sejumah isu layanan konsumen dan mengelola risiko ancaman serta peluang tantangan bisnis. Selain itu, algoritma platform dan kecerdasan buatan DATAVLT akan memilah, memperingkas dan menolak data yang meragukan dari waktu ke waktu, khususnya saat menemukan kejanggalan yang mempengaruhi analisis prediktif. Fitur machine learning akan meningkatkan mutu kajian secara berkala, dan memfasilitasi pengambilan keputusan yang berdasarkan informasi.

Di tengah besarnya permintaan akan analisis data perusahaan, DATAVLT berjuang menciptakan produk kompetitif guna meningkatkan status quo dan mendorong lebih banyak perusahan kecil agar menerapkan big data.


DATAVLT adalah platform data analytics yang gesit, inovatif dan hadir secara on-demand, dijamin oleh teknologi Blockchain. Platform tersebut dirancang untuk menyediakan berbagai wawasan yang terpadu dan terkorelasi. Didukung oleh kecerdasan buatan dan kemampuan machine learning, platform ini mendukung berbagai perusahaan agar dapat memaknai era big data dan meningkatkan efisiensi biaya. Lebih penting lagi, DATAVLT menjadi platform manajemen data/informasi yang terpadu. Hubungi kami di

Source : DATAVLT

Silver Peak Umumkan Investasi Senilai $90 Juta dari TCV untuk Mempercepat Pertumbuhan SD-WAN

Investasi strategis mendukung ekspansi global dengan cepat dan melanjutkan inovasi untuk solusi WAN edge terlengkap di industri

SINGAPURA, 2 Juli 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Silver Peak®, pemimpin dunia dalam solusi broadband dan hybrid WAN, hari ini mengumumkan investasi strategis senilai $90 juta dari TCV. Investasi ini mendukung Silver Peak untuk mempercepat pelaksanaan rencana perluasan go to market dan memperkuat posisinya sebagai pemimpin dunia dalam solusi SD-WAN dan cloud-firstWAN edge. TCV menjadi salah satu penyedia modal terbesar bagi sejumlah perusahaan yang tengah berkembang di industri teknologi dan mendukung sejumlah perusahaan terkemuka termasuk Airbnb, ExactTarget, Genesys, Netflix, Rapid 7, Redback Networks, Splunk, Spotify dan Zillow. Dengan investasi ini, General Partner TCV Tim McAdam akan bergabung dengan direksi Silver Peak.

David Hughes, Pendiri dan CEO Silver Peak

Sejalan dengan banyaknya aplikasi yang beralih ke cloud, jelas bahwa jaringan TI perusahaan harus berubah agar berbagai perusahaan yang tersebar di beragam wilayah bisa mengambil manfaat dari meningkatnya kecepatan, fleksibilitas dan kemudahan operasional yang ditawarkan teknologi cloud. Para pengguna dapat terhubung lewat Wide Area Network (WAN) dengan sejumlah aplikasi yang khusus berada di pusat data. Agar dapat mewujudkan manfaat cloud, perusahaan perlu beralih di luar pendekatan router-centric yang sebelumnya dipakai. Pendekatan tersebut bersifat manual, rentan mengalami kesalahan dan tak efektif di lingkungan cloud. Hanya Silver Peak yang menghadirkan seluruh fungsi yang dibutuhkan dari WAN edge terbaru dalam satu perangkat - kemampuan SD-WAN mutakhir, routing, keamanan dan optimasi WAN yang terintegrasi - sehingga mempersingkat WAN edge, menghadirkan kecepatan dan otomatisasi terbaru serta meningkatkan produktivitas.

"Kita jarang menyaksikan peluang melakukan terobosan dalam kategori teknologi yang masif dan mapan serta bernilai $100 miliar, mendukung berbagai aplikasi dan komunikasi yang sangat penting," ujar Tim McAdam, General Partner, TCV. "Setelah meneliti seluruh pemain di pasar SD-WAN yang bernilai miliaran dolar serta berbicara dengan sejumlah CIO perusahaan, jelas bahwa Silver Peak memiliki solusi terlengkap, diferensiasi dan pengembangan pasar yang nyata serta visi istimewa bagi masa depan WAN edge terbaru. Kami menyambut kesempatan untuk bekerja sama dengan tim Silver Peak agar bisnis perusahaan cepat berkembang."

"Ada lebih dari $100 miliar setiap tahun yang dikeluarkan sejumlah perusahaan untuk WAN. Banyak dari anggaran tersebut dialokasikan untuk teknologi yang mendahului cloud. Silver Peak memiliki peluang yang sangat besar sejalan dengan upaya kami menghadirkan WAN edge terbaru untuk perusahaan," kata Pendiri dan CEO Silver Peak, David Hughes. "TCV memiliki rekam jejak yang terbukti untuk mengidentifikasi pasar-pasar dengan pertumbuhan yang tinggi serta berinvestasi pada sejumlah perusahaan inovatif yang menawarkan solusi yang tepat serta memiliki tim yang tepat pula, dalam rangka mencapai kepemimpinan pasar. Kerja sama kami dengan TCV akan mempercepat laju pertumbuhan perusahaan, peningkatan daya saing serta memperluas kepemimpinan pasar. Kami senang dapat bekerja sama dengan tim TCV."

J.P. Morgan bertindak sebagai agen penempatan modal eksklusif bagi Silver Peak dalam transaksi ini.

Tentang Silver Peak

Silver Peak adalah pemimpin dunia dalam solusi broadband dan hybrid WAN. Silver Peak menawarkan solusi SD-WAN berkinerja tinggi yang menyediakan virtual overlays yang aman dan handal, guna menghubungkan pengguna ke berbagai aplikasi dengan fleksibilitas menggunakan kombinasi apa pun dalam underlying transport tanpa mengurangi kinerja aplikasi. Hasilnya, ketangkasan bisnis menjadi lebih baik dan biaya pun berkurang. Ada lebih dari 3.000 perusahaan yang tersebar di dunia yang menjadi pengguna solusi broadband dan hybrid WAN Silver Peak di vvvvv80 negara. Pelajari lebih lanjut di

Tentang TCV

Berdiri pada 1995, TCV menyediakan modal bagi sejumlah perusahaan yang tengah berkembang di industri teknologi. Sejak didirikan, TCV telah menanamkan lebih dari $10 miliar di berbagai perusahaan teknologi terkemuka serta mengarahkan para CEO dalam menjalankan 110 IPO dan akuisisi strategis. Sejumlah investasi TCV termasuk Airbnb, Altiris, AxiomSL, Dollar Shave Club, EmbanetCompass, EtQ, ExactTarget, Expedia, Facebook, Fandango, GoDaddy, HomeAway, LinkedIn, Netflix, OSIsoft, Rent the Runway, Sitecore, Splunk, Spotify, Varsity Tutors dan Zillow. TCV berkantor pusat di Menlo Park, California, dengan sejumlah kantor di New York dan London. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang TCV, termasuk daftar lengkap dari berbagai investasi yang dibuat TCV, kunjungi

©Silver Peak Systems, Inc. Seluruh hak dilindungi undang-undang. Silver Peak dan logonya menjadi merek dagang atau merek dagang terdaftar milik Silver Peak Systems, Inc. di Amerika Serikat dan/atau negara-negara lain. Seluruh merek lain dapat dipegang oleh para pemiliknya masing-masing.

SOURCE Silver Peak
Hotelier Indonesia

FAQs for AIRBNB and DJUBO’s API Partnership

DJUBO and Airbnb have announced an Official API integration which is an official 2 way sync. Djubo is one of the very few in India which has been successful in integrating with Airbnb. Airbnb is now open to listing even traditional hotels and bed and breakfasts and all kinds of accommodation businesses on its platform. With this partnership, DJUBO’s client hotels will be able to manage their rates and inventory on Airbnb seamlessly without having to login to the Airbnb app or extranet.

How is Airbnb’s business model and interface different from other OTAs:

  • The listing title on Airbnb cannot be the commercial name of the property. It should be a descriptive name. For example : “Hotel Taj Palace” will not be approved for listing. However “Spacious Luxury Suite on MG Road” is acceptable.
  • Airbnb’s commission structure is different from all other OTA’s. While it charges only 3% to hosts/hotels – an additional service fee of 0 – 20% is charged to the guest.
  • If Hotel has a GST/VAT registration, the Airbnb will apply the applicable slab on the sell rate along with its 0 – 20% commission and then sell to the client. Airbnb will passback 97% of sell rate and 99% of GST/VAT to the hotel’s account. To understand this or question on any calculations the hotels can write to [email protected]
  • Traditionally, a regular listing owner approves/authorizes a guest to allow him to make a booking after the owner has chatted with him on the Airbnb App. However, If a hotel is approved for availing the API connectivity through DJUBO then Instant Book feature is automatically switched on for that property. This means that the guest need not chat with the owner or request for a room and will be able to easily book rooms without any engagement with the listing owner.
  • In Airbnb , one listing can only be booked one at a time. No one can book 4 deluxe room rooms at a go. They can only book deluxe rooms 4 times. Each listing doesnt have an inventory attached to it, but has an available/closed status only. So when rooms run out on DJUBO, the status of this listing will be changed to Closed so that no more rooms are sold on Airbnb or on other OTAs.


Which rates will be pushed to Airbnb via DJUBO?

– DJUBO will be pushing the sell rates that the hotel sets up on the OTA rates tab under Manage this property > Rate Setup > Best Available Rates > OTA Rates.

How will Airbnb handle GST/VAT?

– Airbnb will also apply GST/VAT on sell rate and markup the rates that the guest pays. In case the host has no such registration then no tax will be levied over and above.
– Hosts will be passed back 97% of the Sell Rate and 99% of the GST/VAT when a booking happens in the bank account setup in the Payout Preferences by the host.
– In order to inform Airbnb about your GST/VAT registration number please email [email protected]

How can i start using Airbnb’s API Connectivity via DJUBO?

Hotelier Indonesia

KViHotel Deploys ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access Solution for Convenient Keyless Guestroom Entry

Newly opened Budapest hotel selects leading provider of hotel security technology for installation of keyless entry with advanced RFID lock technology

Stockholm - April 10, 2018 - ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, innovator of security technologies for the hospitality industry, announces the successful implementation of several of its advanced security and access solutions at KViHotel in Hungary.

Located in Budapest, KViHotel has implemented ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access, VingCard Allure electronic door locks and the Visionline software platform to maximize security and enhance the overall guest experience. The new 40-room property is among the first smart hotels in Europe to offer a complete mobile experience through the use of its mobile app, TMRW Hotels, which as an ASSA ABLOY Hospitality certified partner includes the added feature of Mobile Access keyless entry.

After researching several locking system providers, KViHotel opted for the ASSA ABLOY Hospitality solutions based on excellent customer service and the company's ability to provide an all-encompassing solution to meet staff and guest demands. With the installation of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access and VingCard Allure locks, guests can quickly and conveniently enter their room immediately upon arrival with a quick swipe of their mobile device.
"As a new hotel, we knew that a main focus of the design needed to reflect modern industry and guest trends through the adoption of innovative technologies," says Péter Palicz, general manager of KViHotel. "Keyless entry is undoubtedly evolving the hotel guest experience, and with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality's longstanding history of delivering exceptional service and its position as a leader in hotel security technology, we knew its Mobile Access solution was exactly what our hotel needed to appeal to today's tech-savvy guest expectations."
ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access is an advanced solution that allows guests to use their mobile device as a digital room key. Operating through secure Seos technology, an encrypted key is delivered securely to a guest's smartphone, which they then use to open their guestroom door, as well as accessing other onsite amenities and secured areas. Using advanced RFID technology, the VingCard Allure electronic lock features a unique interactive and customizable LED panel that is housed on the wall adjacent to the guestroom door, rather than on the door itself. An additional feature available to KViHotel guests is the ability to post 'do not disturb' or 'make up room' notifications to allow hotel staff to easily know when they are able to freely enter a guestroom for housekeeping and other services. Though the use of the Visionline system, hotel staff can remotely control who has access to certain areas on property and when. Since the installation, KViHotel has experienced positive feedback from guests enjoying the benefit of being able to bypass the front desk and enter their room immediately upon arrival with their own smartphones. Hotel staff has also benefited greatly from ASSA ABLOY Hospitality's customer support, as the team was committed to ensuring that all needs of the property were met to create a streamlined and convenient service for hotel guests and staff. For more information about ASSA ABLOY Hospitality and its comprehensive line of hotel security solutions, please visit

About ASSA ABLOY HospitalityThe global leader in hotel security technology for nearly 40 years, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality is a part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, a publicly listed company with 47,000 employees. With products installed in properties all over the world, securing millions of guestrooms globally, the company's comprehensive range of security and technology solutions is comprised of VingCard electronic locks, Elsafe in-room safes, integrated software platforms and advanced mobile access solutions. Its latest innovation, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access provides advanced security for hotels and augments the stay experience for today's tech-savvy guests. Operating with secure Seos technology, Mobile Access allocates guestrooms and generates encrypted digital keys over a secure channel. This allows users to bypass the front desk and access their assigned guestrooms via their personal smart phones and watches. In order to provide best-in-class customer service, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality offers support in more than 166 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit:
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14 March 2018

You may be the best property in town, but unless you’re able to pitch this to your customers in a manner that will break through the clutter and attract their attention, you cannot grow. This in a nutshell is why you need branding.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is branding? Why you need it?

A brand is the image and identification of a company or entity that tells the consumer all about the company. A strong brand is vital for encouraging direct bookings, along with dozens of other benefits. It is a trigger that will help people choose you over the unknown. Think of the Marriott ‘M’ versus another property. If rates and other comparatives are same, which one are you more likely to go with?
Branding allows you to drive more direct bookings, compete more strongly against competitors on OTAs, and take control of your message and your online presence.

How to build a successful hotel brand?

The key to branding is to have a very distinct and unique selling proposition that will appeal to a targeted audience. Let’s break this into easy tips for brand building.

What’s your story?

What sets you apart from the others? Is it your design, a historic tale or your service style? Put on a guest’s hat and see what your point of difference is. Build your brand around this unique story. Connect with your users on an emotional level in order to create an environment that is interesting and engaging.

Brand to a specific market segment.

Instead of being nothing to everybody, be something to fewer people. Build your brand with this audience in mind. For instance if you’re targeting millennials, emphasise on your cutting-edge design and digital facilities. A family property would rather focus on play areas and childcare facilities.

Build a strong visual identity.

Your brand identity should carry from your logo right down to your stationery, online ads and other branded material. Your visuals should reflect your hotel and its unique story. But remember, at the end of the day these are just visuals – your real brand is you story, not the logo.

Connect on an emotional level.

Your property is more than four walls and a bed. If you connect with a consumer’s need for romance, adventure or another emotion, you can build a longer lasting brand, even demand a premium for it.

Get smart about marketing your brand.

Not everyone has deep pockets like the Hilton or Marriott. Be selective about how you market your brand – to whom and where. A targeted approach is not just efficient, it is more effective. You may reach fewer people and at a higher cost, but the conversion will be higher.
At the same time, make it easy for your guests to market you. In the age of social media  explosion, if you have a good story to tell, your guests will spread the word for you.  

Brand building is not for a select few with deep pockets. If you create your unique story and sell it to a smaller, targeted travel market, the result will be sustainable profitability. Visit here to know more

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SHR Announces New CRS Product, Global PMS Integrations, and European Direct Connect

HOUSTON, TX, January 22, 2018—SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources, a leading provider and pioneer of advanced hotel distribution technologies, has unveiled a new CRS product, in addition to three new global Property Management System (PMS) integrations for its Windsurfer® CRS, and a powerful new direct connect with one of the largest Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) in Europe.

New CRS ProductExpanding on its legacy of innovative CRS solutions, and in direct response to market demand, the company is now offering a new CRS product, Windsurfer® CRS Essentials.

A truly new Windsurfer, Essentials is a streamlined CRS and booking engine designed to better-serve hoteliers who need a leaner way to manage distribution for their growing hotels.

In addition, the SHR flagship product, Windsurfer CRS, has been renamed Windsurfer® CRS Enterprise, and enhanced with a new look and feel geared toward hotel groups and chains that require a full-service CRS.

“To stay competitive, our clients need CRS options that can be customized to better fit their changing needs,” said Doug Tucker, Product Manager for SHR. “The new and enhanced Windsurfer products are now geared to provide this, and will serve a fuller range of hotel businesses the way they want to be served.”

New Global PMS Integrations—Protel, VHP, and OasisAs part of SHR’s continuing commitment to provide additional and more robust integrations to its hotel partners around the world, the company is also adding three new PMS options.

Protel Hotel Software caters to a full range of hotels, from independent to large multi-national chains. Serving the global hotel market for 22 years in over 90 countries, Protel is currently one of the largest PMS providers in the European and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions.

Visual Hotel Program, VHP, is a PMS created by Supranusa Sindata that serves primarily the Indonesian market. As a fully-integrated, modular business intelligence solution for the region’s hotel industry, VHP allows hotel operators to provide better customer service while achieving increased hotel management efficiency for their daily operations.

The Oasis Hospitality Software PMS, emphasizing a fully-mobile guest and staff experience from check-in to housekeeping, serves hotels based in China and others in the APAC region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

“SHR is committed to bringing integrations that are going to be meaningful to our global clients, and this includes our fast-growing European and APAC markets,” said SHR’s Dave Chan, Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development, APAC. “By providing interfaces with Protel, VHP, and Oasis, we will be rounding out and at the same time, expanding our offerings for hoteliers throughout these regions, helping them better-serve their businesses and their guests.”

New European Direct Connect—HRSBased in Germany, Hotel Reservation Service, HRS, is one of the largest OTAs in the European market. By having the option of a direct connect to HRS, SHR clients will now have the opportunity to gain additional transactions at lower costs from this OTA and its entire global market. While HRS is primarily geared toward European hotels, U.S.-based hotels have also seen success adding this channel due to its ability to capture the attention of global travelers looking to visit stateside.

“Having such a popular OTA connection serves a dual purpose for our clients and their guests,” said Zsuzsanna Albrecht, Regional Vice President of Sales, SHR-Europe. “With HRS, we will be able to serve those hotels who currently work with HRS, as well as bring a powerful and valuable direct connect to other clients who may be looking to expand their connectivity.”

About SHR
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific, SHR provides advanced tools and services that help hotels execute their best distribution strategy while delighting guests and optimizing profitability. The technical maturity of SHR—having built not one but two Central Reservations Systems (CRS)—is second to none. In addition to serving thousands of properties around the globe with the Windsurfer® CRS and Booking Engine, the company also provides Revenue Management for Hire to brands, chains, and management companies. SHR brings hoteliers nimble technology, intelligently supported by tested industry experts—keeping hotels competitive. For more information, please visit

SHR is the trade name for Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company.

[email protected]
+1 713.333.9944

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Enhance Strategic Decisions and Increase Revenue Growth for Your Meeting & Events Space

Do you manage meetings & events space within your company? Are you a hotel or a stand-alone venue with conference space, meeting rooms or events facilities? 

Join our on-demand webinar to discover how to make the most of your M&E space and take your revenue to the next level!

Mlobal spending on meetings and events continues to rise, and the need for hotel and event managers to understand the impact of group business is critical. Watch our latest on-demand webinar - Make the most of your meetings & events space to learn how to boost meetings & events revenue.


In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • Concepts and current trends of meetings & events revenue management
  • Best practices in M&E revenue management
  • How to make sense and better utilise the data from sales & catering systems
  • How to use new tools to enhance strategic decisions and increase revenue growth

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A seamless customer experience at your hotel or resort spa from check-in to check-out.

The world's most innovative cloud-based booking  management software. Over 25,000 users in 60+ countries use Book4Time's spa management software to book 1.5 million appointments per month and process over $1.2 billion in transactions.

Book Appointments Online

Connect with your guests at any time or place with our customizable online booking platform, or build your own online booking guest experience using our API.

Group Bookings

Use our booking wizard to quickly schedule large groups and corporate events. Allow groups to check in under a single reservation, charge to corporate accounts or pay individually at POS.

Activities and Classes

Easily schedule classes for fitness, yoga or other activities at the front desk or let your clients book online. Capture activity-specific guest preferences and payment.


Increase guest retention with a centralized membership program. Offer member discounts, exclusive services or monthly credits that can be redeemed for services.

Yield Management

Maximize peak period utilization and drive traffic during slow periods with a central management tool to improve productivity and increase revenue.

Room and House Charges

Easily integrate your hotel PMS and process room charges in real-time. Optionally, transfer all spa revenue to your hotel system.

24/7 Product Support

You can count on our knowledgeable global team of experts for quick answers and live 24/7 priority support by phone or email.

Password Policies

Ensure your staff are creating strong passwords with our enhanced security measures that follow industry standard best practices and prevent unauthorized access from remote locations.

Usage Auditing & Alerts

Know what your staff are doing across your business with reporting that shows login activity and all user activity tracking.

SAML/LDAP Single Sign-On

Connect your existing enterprise authentication system with Book4Time to provide the highest level of security and single authentication to your staff with their corporate credentials.

Role-Based Security

Create custom roles to provide each member of your staff with the blend of permissions they need to do their jobs with our comprehensive role-based security wizard.

Technician Goals and KPIs

Challenge your staff by offering performance-driven rewards for KPIs such as request rate, retail penetration and booked-to-scheduled hours.

Alerts and Compliance

Ensure complete compliance with reporting regulations for cash gratuities, commissions and bonuses reporting earned by your staff.

Commissions and Spiff Tracking

Easily set up schedules for commissions and spiffs for each of your staff members, and track them automatically.

Labor and Shift Management

Eliminate conflicts and plan shifts based on employee service profiles with our intuitive scheduler that accounts for availabilities and planned time breaks.

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High-Tech on the Go with VHPmobile
I n line with the newest trends in technology, PT. Supranusa Sindata has developed new mobile applications to enhance the VHP Property Management System enabling users to operate the software from mobile devices such as iPad. VHPmobile gives flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want.

VHP newest innovation helps the hotel to increase their service quality and frees valuable time. It equips the front office team with a powerful tool to serve guests with faster check-in process and enriches the guest’s experience.

The check-in feature on VHPmobile enables the Front Office staffs to provide guests its best service even at high occupancy level. With VHPmobile check-in, hotels can check-in the guests in real time and from any location. It is fully integrated with the VHP Front Office Management System. The user can view and let the guests sign the registration form and guest bill directly on the iPad.

Developed with a colorful and vibrant design, VHPmobile provides a friendly user interface with essential functionality at the user’s fingertips.

VHPmobile also features a Reporting iDashboard which is a powerful platform for the hotel’s managerial level and/or owners that allows the user to identify trends, monitor the hotel’s performance and track sales at-a-glance. With the interactive intelligence, powerful visuals and user friendly interface, hotel professionals are enabled to visualize the data in interactive charts with wide variety of statistical listing reports on real time basis.

Another highlight feature is the Mobile POS. It is an extension of the VHP Point of Sales (POS) module and designed to enable user to provide highest service level on the go. It gives the user more effective ways to find an empty table that is ready for the guests, create new orders, store and send the order details directly to the kitchen printer

The upcoming VHP mobile Housekeeping is designed to help alleviate Housekeeping staffs tasks and to speed up the work process. It will feature functions such as changing room status, room queue, move around time tracking, linen count, minibar posting, view guest profile and preferences, lost & found, performance reporting etc. Tasks sheets created by Housekeeping supervisor can be allocated automatically to the staffs. Attendants receive the Tasks sheets on their mobile device with details of preferences etc. On real time basis the supervisor knows which rooms to inspect. With seamless integration to the VHP Front Office Management System, room status is automatically updated once rooms are cleaned and inspected.

For more information please contact us at +62 21 451 3678 (Jakarta) / +62 361 849 7960 (Bali)
PT. Supranusa Sindata will participate in Hospitality Management Tourism & Food Industry Conference exhibition at Inna Grand Bali on 6-8 September 2017 (Agung Room, Booth A32). See you!

PT. Supranusa Sindata will also participate in International Hotel General Manager Conference and Exhibition at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center on 20-22 September 2017 (Stand no. 108).

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PHM Hospitality’s collection of up to eleven hotels and resorts in Indonesia will have the option of training their employees through mobile learning

Scalable, standardised mobile learning solutions will ensure the same learning curriculum is available to all properties

JAKARTA, May 9, 2017 – Qooco, the leading mobile learning solutions provider for the hospitality industry, will provide mobile learning solutions to PHM Hospitality, one of Indonesia’s largest hospitality and lifestyle groups. The partnership will allow all of PHM Hospitality’s 11 properties (17 by end 2017) to access the mobile learning solutions, providing high-quality English and Mandarin language training to its 880 hotel employees.

PHM Hospitality has a growing portfolio of properties throughout Indonesia, ranging from city hotels to luxury resorts, welcoming guests from all over the world who speak various languages and possess different cultures. As a result, the company have invested in employee training to ensure they are able to continue providing the highest level of service for current and future guests.

“Mobile learning is perfect for a company such as PHM Hospitality which has multiple properties around Indonesia” says David Topolewski, CEO of Qooco, adding “Qooco’s solutions can easily be scaled, so you get the same high-quality, hospitality-focused language training across all hotels, removing the uneven teaching that often results from classroom-based learning. 

This will result in higher Mandarin and English proficiency among their teams, a vital ability given China’s continued dominance of the global travel market – Chinese tourists spent US$261 billion globally last year – more than any other country[1]. PHM Hospitality are right to equip their employees with Mandarin skills, and the results will be better quality service, higher guest satisfaction and a better bottom line.”

Qooco’s mobile learning platforms that PHM Hospitality will have access to are tailor-made for the hospitality industry, and feature sophisticated speech recognition technology that is able to deliver improved and more consistent results than traditional forms of classroom-based learning. The mobile learning courses are used in over 150 luxury hotels worldwide, and are designed specifically to address the rigorous service and delivery standards expected in high-end hotels, resorts and boutique properties.

PHM Hospitality will leverage two of Qooco’s range of mobile learning solutions: Qooco Core teaches employees the most commonly spoken hospitality phrases used in English and Mandarin Chinese, allowing those new to English and Mandarin to learn the most important phrases that help with their everyday work life. Qooco Voice improves spoken English and Mandarin through interactive and continuous learning based on real life situations in Front Office, Food & Beverage, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Spa & Fitness, Security, Sales & Marketing and Engineering Department.

“We place learning and development at the core of our employee strategy, and seek to ensure all our associates are constantly growing and improving their skillset – vital in today’s fast-moving tourism and hospitality environment” says Bu Nur Enddin Destiyani, Corporate Director of Human Resources at PHM Hospitality, adding “Mobile learning makes a huge amount of sense for this reason. We are able to train our employees in language skills in a standardised manner across all of our properties – from Jakarta to Bali, Bandung to Yogyakarta – ensuring they are able to serve their guests in English or Mandarin to a higher level of quality.”

Qooco Core and Qooco Voice will allow PHM Hospitality employees to learn via their smartphones, anytime, anywhere. Each platform has a dashboard and comprehensive reporting that allows training managers to monitor performance, and provide further guidance when and where necessary. With this real-time data and insights, hotel managers and brand leadership are able to evaluate training on an individual, departmental and property level, making the cross-pollination of talent easier.

The partnership will last two years from May 2017 to May 2019, and will be available for the following properties:
  • THE HAVEN SUITES Bali Berawa
  • THE HAVEN Bali Seminyak
  • THE 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Darmawangsa
  • THE 1O1 Bandung Dago
  • THE 1O1 Bogor Suryakancana
  • THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu
  • THE 1O1 Palembang Rajawali
  • THE BnB Jakarta Kelapa Gading
  • THE BnB Bandung Metro Indah
  • FRii Bali Echo Beach
  • Fontana Hotel Bali, a PHM Collection

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19-21 APRIL 2017

Setelah sukses dengan penyelenggaraan di tahun 2016, PT. Tiga Pilar Manajemen Indonesia kembali menyelenggarakan Pameran dagang Banten Industrial Technology Solutions Expo 2017, bersamaan dengan penyelenggaraan pameran :

 The 1st Smart Cities Indonesia Expo 2017 (SCIEX)
 The 2nd Indo Safety, Security and Fire Protection Expo 2017 (ISSF)
 The 2nd Indo Cleantech Expo 2017 (ICE)

Acara ini digelar di Great Western Convention Center, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Pameran dibuka pukul 10.00 WIB dan Selesai pukul 17.30 WIB, selama 3 hari, 19-21 April 2017. Pameran ini merupakan ajang untuk mempertemukan antara penyedia jasa maupun pengembang industri dengan pangsa pasar yang potensial didaerah Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia, dengan turut menghadirkan perkembangan terbaru dan penggunaan teknologi terbaru dalam industri dengan menampilkan display dari para supplier, distributor untuk kategori manufacturing equipment, material & services, machine tools and measuring, construction, energy & power, security & safety technologies, building management systems, CCTV, computer security, integrated systems & networked security, IT services, IT security, water and waste management, smart manufacturing, smart IT communications, smart transportation, manufacture cleaning, building & property cleaning system, public cleaning, personal & home care. dll.

Kami juga mendapat dukungan yang positif dari industri terkait, hal ini terlihat dari jumlah peserta yang mendaftar tahun ini yaitu sebanyak 50 lebih perusahaan yang berasal dari 9 negara yang berbeda, yaitu: Indonesia, South Africa, Netherlands, Nigeria, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore dan China.

Pameran ini mengajak para pengusaha dan profesional untuk membandingkan berbagai barang komoditas dan pelayanan yang ditawarkan oleh produsen dalam dan luar negeri langsung di Kota Tangerang, Banten Indonesia. Sehingga pameran ini akan membuka wawasan sekaligus memperbaiki kualitas industri lokal yang sudah ada. Bagi peserta dari mancanegara, mereka juga dapat melihat peluang untuk menjalin kerjasama dengan industri lokal.

Pameran yang berlangsung selama 3 hari ini juga akan mengadakan program Talkshow dan Presentasi Produk dengan Tema dan Topik yang menarik yang disampaikan oleh para pakar dan profesional di bidangnya, serta tak lupa juga ada Product Demo dari para peserta pameran dan bagi pengunjung pameran tidak dikenakan biaya masuk. Selain itu kami juga memberikan program hadiah doorprize yang menarik bagi pengunjung yang beruntung. Untuk menjamin kenyamanan pengunjung dalam berkunjung, kami juga bekerjasama dengan pihak UBER untuk layanan transportasi online, dan bagi pengunjung yang mendownload aplikasi UBER pada saat pameran, berhak mendapatkan promo menarik dari pihak UBER.

PT. Tiga Pilar Manajemen Indonesia juga ingin mengucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada Wali Kota Tangerang beserta seluruh jajaran pemerintahan kota Tangerang, yang telah mendukung terselenggaranya pameran ini, serta seluruh pihak pihak terkait, pihak sponsor PT. Tirtamarta Wisesa Abadi dan JNE Express, pihak Asosiasi dan seluruh rekan rekan media yang telah mensupport suksesnya penyelenggaraan pameran ini.

Informasi selanjutnya dapat diperoleh dari penyelenggara:

FEBI REGINA- Exhibition Manager
Tel. 021-87928184
Mobile: 0812 9384 7520